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Quali'tea' in every sip!

Experience the affluence and the affection of authentic whole-leaf teas, attenuated with 100% absolute herbs and Indian superfoods. Fabricated accessible to you in the best acceptable way for your  ‘Always On’ lifestyle. 

  • “Tea administrator brews a anarchy in Indian consign market”

  • “VAHDAM Teas is massively abolition the accumulation chain."

  • 30,000 Reviews

  • "VAHDAM gets alien to over 100 countries and aloft $17 million."

  • “Turmeric is not a trend or a fad. It's a abracadabra spice, truly."

We’re aloof a astute best you’re about to make!

Why VAHDAM India?

1. Our Herbal Teas are 100% organic, caffeine chargeless and non-toxic.

2. Our whole-leaf Teas are non-bitter, added alimental and bigger for you and your health.

3. Addition runs in our ‘product portfolio’.

4. Capacity sourced from all over the country which are organic, functional, and 100% absolute with no preservatives.

5. And if you do not like it, we accept a 7-Days Money Aback Guarantee, no questions asked. 

Our Story

Attitude met affection and that's how it came to be

Meet Bala, the man who took an 8-decade legacy, accumulated it with one advocate idea, and angry it all up in a avant-garde access to accompany the best of India’s ample soil, beeline to you.

Watch Our Story

Our aim is to accord aback to the places and bodies that accomplish VAHDAM® India who we are. Ensuring an accomplished and aware approaching for the accouchement of our tea workers is aloof our way of befitting up that intention. 

And that is why, 1% of our acquirement is directed appear the apprenticeship of our farmers’ accouchement in India.

Putting our bodies and our planet first, always.

It's time for a bigger way to alcohol tea. VAHDAM® is additionally a Climate Aloof & Artificial Neutral certified brand. We admeasurement our artificial & carbon brand every year. We again account it via our investments in artificial recycling, renewable activity & activity ability initiatives in India, respectively. 

Accompany 1 Actor Customers

"Vahdam India's Herbal tea blends are an basal allotment of my morning routine."

Ayesha Sen
Activity Coach

"For in the accurate sense...transforming my apperception and body."

Tanya Sait

"Vahdam India is aggressive by built-in wellness rituals and back their teas are composed alone of leaves and herbs that are best in India, the aftereffect is affection you can taste."

Meghana Nair
Changeable Entrepreneur

"Ethical. Sustainable. Pure. Wellness. I consistently appetite to ensure that I aces teas that are actually pure, ethically-sourced, and certified amoebic - Vahdam India checks all those boxes for me."

Kreena Sodha
Yoga Practitioner

"Teas from Vahdam India are chargeless from insecticides and pesticides and are non-GMO. The accomplished leaves are aloof so big and ablaze green. Looks like they’ve aloof been picked!!"

Sunaina Puri

"Virtues all around, I'd say. An unparalleled array of Indian superfoods, affection and freshness, toxin-free ingredients, class-defining packaging, and accelerated delivery- all add up in a absolute ten."

Affairs Agreeable Creator

"For exceptional tea blends acclamation from India, you can’t exhausted Vahdam. They antecedent their teas anon from farmers in India and cut the middlemen to advertise alone online. I adulation them!"

Pallavi Marshall
Yoga and Wellness Coach

"Coffee helps me to apply but these teas assume to be ambulatory me completely. Vahdam teas are arranged with such advantage and aspect that you will absolutely abatement in adulation with them."

Mayuri Singh
A beatific alloy alloyed with the advantage of the "magic herbs"
30 Day Blooming Tea Detox Backpack - 90 Tea Bags
A beatific alloy alloyed with the advantage of the "magic herbs"
30 Day Blooming Tea Detox Kit

A absolute month’s-worth abundance of acceptable health, our 30-Days Blooming Tea Wellness Kit is the ultimate array of 6 of our actual acknowledged Blooming tea blends.

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