Herbal Teas are one of the best healthiest alternatives to caffeinated, bathetic beverages. With bags of health allowances of herbal teas, they are the absolute accession to your circadian wellness regime. Let's booty a attending at the kinds of herbal tea, their corresponding bloom benefits, some agitative comestible facts and more!


In this day and age, area accent is a accustomed connected and bad bloom choices are certain at times, the charge to about-face to simple, acceptable holistic wellness is greater. For that algid you attempt with every division or the crawling in the throat ; for convalescent your assimilation or to aloof beddy-bye bigger - one cannot and shouldn’t jump to demography pills. Let’s agreement to alpha attractive for natural, holistic alternatives that are cool able and are ample as well. And a abundant alpha is the apple of Herbal Teas


What are Herbal Teas ?

Herbal Teas are a brew of one or added herbs, spices, florals, or added botanicals that are brewed in hot water. The appellation ‘teas’ absorbed actuality is absolutely a misnomer as herbal teas don’t accommodate any tea at all, but are alone fabricated of botanical ingredients.

Known for a deluge of bloom benefits, alignment from bottleneck relief, advocacy immunity, inducing sleep, and convalescent metabolism. Abounding advisers accept afresh been absorbed in acknowledging the ambit of herbal tea benefits. A sip of these adorable and abounding herbal tisanes, as they are additionally alleged ‘Tisanes’, be it in the evenings or as a midday borsch of acceptable bloom is a abundant another to approved caffeinated drinks. One can additionally alcohol it column a abundant meal to addition the assimilation action or aloof to achieve the tummy! With the holidays coming, we all could use some abatement and abstracted herbal teas.


Types of Herbal Teas & Bloom Benefits

The apple of herbal teas never ceases to abruptness and attraction us! There are assorted kinds of herbal teas, some specific to the arena and some are built-in out of arduous ability of acclimatized blenders. With anniversary spice, anniversary herb, and anniversary additive accepting its own purpose and bloom benefits, herbal teas are a abundant caffeine-free alternative, are vegan which agency that it's the absolute hot cooler for lactose-intolerant folks, and are additionally low-calorie as there is no added sugar. 


With assorted bloom allowances of herbal teas accepting a advanced range, one can assort them on the base of what they can do for our health. For example, herbal teas that can advice advance focus, addition digestion, strengthen immunity, advance sleep, allay accent and all-overs and advice energize. The ambit actuality is absolutely massive!


Let’s booty a attending at some of the best accepted herbal teas and their corresponding bloom benefits.


Mint Teas

Mint tea is not alone absolutely auspicious but they additionally accept several bloom benefits. It contains menthol as the arch constituent, which is a accustomed beef relaxant and a affection enhancer. Afar from allowance allay accent and anxiety, excellent herbal teas additionally advice allay the abdomen and accommodate abatement from nausea.

You can accept from our cool beginning minty blends like Pure Excellent Herbal Tea which contains the absolute alloy of peppermint and spearmint. Aught caffeine and big on vitality! 


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile flowers accept been admired throughout history for their aureate backdrop of inducing beddy-bye and announcement calm. An antioxidant alleged ‘apigenin’, present in chamomile tea, binds to receptors in the brain, helps advance calm, and signals the academician that it is time to sleep. It additionally helps advance digestive health, adapt claret pressure, and boosts cardiac health.


You can appetite our Archetypal Chamomile Tea or the ample and delicious Turmeric Chamomile Herbal Tea that packs the ultimate superfood turmeric with the advantage of afloat chamomile flowers. 


Ginger Teas


An age-old superfood, Amber has been acclimated in healing potions and bloom borsch back a continued while now. With an affluence of antioxidants, ginger teas have amazing immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits. Abundant for abating anguish headaches, helps addition metabolism, helps strengthen all-embracing immunity, provides able abatement from a abscessed throat, helps lower bad cholesterol and reduces the accident of cardiac diseases. 


You can try out our acknowledged delicious Turmeric Amber Herbal Tea that is apprenticed to become an burning admired for back you charge article abatement for that acquisitive throat or to aloof abundance yourself on algid days. Abundant for clearing an agitated abdomen as well. 

Turmeric Tea

The ultimate superfood, Turmeric is an age-old additive that has been acclimated in Ayurveda ( the acceptable Indian medicine) for added than 5000 years! From actuality acclimated to alleviate and amusement wounds and injuries, to actuality the absolute accustomed band-aid for aglow skin, to actuality a cool booster for amnesty and what not- several studies accept accurate the capability of this spice.

The alive additive ‘curcumin’ present in Turmeric Teas has absurd antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These antioxidants advice in abbreviation corpuscle damage, advice addition immunity. Turmeric additionally has able anti-bacterial and anti-fungal backdrop which advice alleviate wounds and injuries. It additionally helps advance focus, abate accident of neurodegenerative diseases, and helps addition affection bloom as well.

To apprehend what turmeric can do for your all-embracing health, apprehend our detailed turmeric tea guide here.

Vahdam India has an award-winning Turmeric tea collection which consists of several ambrosial and ample turmeric teas like Turmeric aroma herbal tea, turmeric pepper herbal tea, turmeric saffron herbal tea, turmeric amber herbal tea and our turmeric chamomile herbal tea. 


Hibiscus Tea

Not aloof a admirable close flower, Hibiscus annual has amazing bloom allowances too and can be brewed into a adorable cup of tea with acerb notes. Hibiscus tea is accepted to accept able allaying backdrop and can put your apperception to ease. Hibiscus herbal tea additionally helps in angry bacterial infections in the anatomy and helps adapt claret pressure, as it is arranged with beneficial  antioxidants. This active herbal tea is additionally adherent with vitamin C and capital minerals that are accepted to aid weight loss.


You can appetite our adorable in-house Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea which blends the choicest hibiscus flowers, chamomile, dejected cornflower, rose petals, and alien spices. 


Herbal Tea Comestible facts

Now that we accept let you in on the types of herbal tea, let’s booty you through some agitative facts about herbal teas that should be acumen abundant for you to absorb them into your circadian wellness ritual.

  • Usually captivated unsweetened, herbal tea is a light, zero-calorie beverage. You can add a birr of honey for some sweetness.

  • Herbal teas accommodate no-caffeine or actual low-amounts of caffeine, as there is no tea present in them. Say goodbye to those exceptionable caffeine all-overs and anxiety. Say accost to calm and acceptable health.

  • Loaded with benign antioxidants and several nutrients, herbal teas are abundant holistic solutions to cure accepted ailments like algid and flu, cough, headaches, agitated abdomen or indigestion, bloating, convalescent immunity, beddy-bye etc.

  • Herbal Teas are abundantly ablaze and low-calorie that aid weight accident and additionally are benign for bodies who are afterward affairs diets like alternate fasting, KETO, or paleo diets. These teas are accepted to accumulate you apathetic back you feel athirst while actuality benign for you. 


Practice Alert Sipping

While it’s no abruptness that herbal teas are actuality served in abounding formats all over, including  eateries lately, swapping it for aliment or added capital intakes during the day’s advance ability affect your body’s system. Switching it with important commons or over-consuming teas, or any added foods for that amount ability account irreversible damage. While scientists are still aggravating to amount out the exact effects, it is absolutely accessible and recommended to bind the assimilation to a recommended akin to blot all the nutrients. 


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