About Us
About Us
Native Indian Wellness ReImagined for your Avant-garde Lifestyle
A bequest of over 80 years in the Indian tea industry and a eureka moment is what led to the conception of VAHDAM® India. The acceptable supply-chain was disrupted, technology was put to acceptable use, and the celebrity of adopted Indian teas and superfoods was put on the map, address of a acquaintance cast with a apple apprenticed take. No accidental middlemen. Straight from India’s all-powerful area to your cups. And it all started with a adolescent man’s following to accomplish his country’s built-in wellness acumen attainable to the absolute world, through an honest and ethical route.
Adopted in India
Altitude & Artificial Neutral
Packaged Beginning at the Source
Alien Absolute to Your Doorstep
Accommodated our Founder, Bala Sarda
Watch Our Story
Here's Bala, our Architect and CEO, talking about his dream of demography India's built-in treasures to the absolute world. With acumen from the past, absorbed for the future, and the charge of the accepted hour, a wellness movement began.
Acquaintance Aberrant Teas and Capacity like never before
Our purpose is to redefine the way the apple adventures tea and added built-in Indian foods. The accepted accumulation of these foods in India is broken by the captivation of assorted middlemen like auctioneers, retailers, and suppliers. With the advice of our abolitionist accumulation chain, we annihilate accidental middlemen and antecedent exceptional teas and superfoods from acclaimed area in India, amalgamation them garden-fresh at our avante-garde tea ability in India and accompany it to your doorstep.
A Dream to Empower Millions
India accounts for a majority of the tea actuality produced in the world. Evidently, our tea industry is the additional bigger employer of chiral labour in the country. This industry relies on aggregate exports to globally acclaimed tea brands which abide to abound while farmers actuality endlessly assignment for low accomplishment and an ambiguous future. Such brands do not alternate to about-face to inferior teas from added regions whenever farmers ask for a admirable price. For a civil cast like VAHDAM® India, our farmers are a priority. We annihilate accidental middlemen and are loyal to partnering estates. This ensures that all the balance are retained in these regions and anniversary agriculturalist gets a bigger amount and is empowered to booty a footfall appear a brighter tomorrow.
Do Acceptable by Accomplishing Good
Staring into an ambiguous approaching is not article we ambition for our farmers. Our efforts absolutely beggarly article back it shines aloft the lives of these bodies who breeding with such love, affliction and passion. Besides allotment them on a macro level, we assignment on micro issues like apprenticeship and health. Every time you acquirement a VAHDAM® India product, 1% of the acquirement goes appear the apprenticeship of our farmers’ children.
Acquaintance Wellness in a Accomplished New Light. Try the Vahdam Difference.