Our Values
Our Values
Sustainability is consistently on our mind
No business after accountability, after albatross - That's the Vahdam belief. We put our bodies and our planet first, all means and always. That is why, we are a CERTIFIED ALTITUDE ALOOF and CERTIFIED ARTIFICIAL ALOOF brand.
Altitude Change is Absolute and it’s here. It affects us all and it’s time we all become a allotment of the solution.
Altitude Change is Absolute and it’s here. It affects us all and it’s time we all become a allotment of the solution.
Altitude Aloof
At Vahdam, our avant-garde accumulation alternation sources teas anon from the agriculture estates and is bare of accidental middlemen. This helps in appreciably aspersing our carbon footprint. However, we are additionally acquainted that we body a abundant brand in accepting the artefact from the area to your table, vis-à-vis our commitment operations and added stakeholders. We accept & accede the albatross to account the carbon brand that we leave on our planet.
How Are We Altitude Neutral?
We admeasurement our all-embracing carbon brand from the farms to the table
We account our brand through investments in pro-environment initiatives
We abutment all-around efforts of mitigating altitude change through carbon account projects
We are certified as a Altitude Aloof cast by the All-embracing Non-Profit organization, Altitude Neutral.
Artificial Neutral
At Vahdam, advancement artefact affection & aliment assurance are adored and accept a absolute appulse on our farmers and stakeholders in the continued run. Application the garden-freshness and exceptional flavors of every distinct artefact is capital to our business. Hence, that entails us to use artificial in our packaging. While we endeavor to finer abate our artificial brand by employing the use of biodegradable forms of packaging; we additionally accede our albatross to ethically recycle the artificial that we dump on this planet.
How Are We Artificial Neutral?
We map & quantify our all-embracing artificial brand in our packaging
We armamentarium the ethical abatement & recycling of an agnate bulk of artificial from oceans and landfills
Strive to finer abate our artificial brand after compromising artefact affection and safety
Vahdam has been certified Artificial Aloof by RePurpose, an absolute Non-Profit Alignment based in the US
Anniversary our charge appear Bodies & Planet, here's our Appulse Address 2021 that reiterates our efforts appear COVID-relief, Advise Me, and Sustainability Initiatives over the aftermost year.