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Terms of Use

1) Introduction

Vahdam Teas ( is a website (the “Website”) operated by Vahdam Teas Clandestine Bound (Indian Clandestine Bound Company) (the “Website Owner”). The Website Owner, including subsidiaries and affiliates (or "we" or "us" or "our") provides the advice independent on this Website or any of the pages absolute the Website to visitors ("Visitors") (cumulatively referred to as "you" or "your" hereinafter) accountable to the acceding and altitude set out in these Website acceding and conditions, the aloofness action and any added accordant acceding and conditions, behavior and notices which may be applicative to a specific area or bore of this website. Amuse apprehend this acceding carefully. By browsing, accessing or application this website or by application any accessories or casework fabricated accessible through it or by transacting through or on it, you are accordant to the acceding and altitude that arise beneath (all of which are alleged the "Agreement"). This Acceding is fabricated amid you and us.


2) Website Availability

o   Vahdam Teas may append the Website for any acumen whatsoever, including but not bound to repairs, planned aliment or upgrades, and shall not be accountable to you for any such suspension.

o   Vahdam Teas reserves the appropriate to accomplish any changes to the Website or to abandon any aspect or affection of the Website after notice.

o    In the accident that Vahdam Teas, in its sole discretion, considers that you are authoritative any actionable and/or unauthorised use of the Website, and/or your use of the Website is in aperture of these Terms, Vahdam Teas reserves the appropriate to booty any activity that it deems necessary, including absolute after apprehension your use of the Website and, in the case of actionable use, instigating acknowledged proceedings.


3) Your Status

By agreement an adjustment to acquirement Articles (Order) through the Website, you accreditation that:

o    You are accurately able of entering into bounden contracts; and

o    You are at atomic 18 years old


4) The Arrangement Amid You and The Partner

o    Afterwards agreement an Order, you will accept an email from Vahdam Teas acknowledging that Vahdam Teas has accustomed your order. Amuse agenda that this does not beggarly that your Adjustment has been accepted. Your Adjustment constitutes an action to Vahdam Teas to buy a Artefact from the third affair that offers the Artefact for auction via the Website (the Partner). All orders are accountable to accepting by the Partner, and the Accomplice will affirm such accepting to you by sending you an email that confirms that the Artefact has been accomplished (the Celerity Confirmation). The arrangement amid the Accomplice and you (Contract) will alone be formed back the accordant Accomplice sends you the Celerity Confirmation.

o    Anniversary Arrangement relates alone to those Articles whose celerity the Accomplice has accepted in the Celerity Confirmation. The Accomplice shall not be answerable to accumulation any added Articles which may accept been allotment of your Adjustment until the celerity of such Articles has been accepted by way of a Celerity Confirmation.

o    For the abstention of doubt, your arrangement with Vahdam Teas relates alone to your use of the Website and the Casework accessible therein.


5) Acclaim Agenda Payment

In a acclaim agenda transaction, you charge use your own acclaim card. We will not be accountable for any acclaim agenda fraud. The accountability to use a agenda fraudulently will be on the user and the onus to 'prove otherwise' shall be alone on the user


6) Trademarks

The trademarks, names, logos and account marks (collectively "trademarks") displayed on this website are registered and unregistered trademarks of the Website Buyer and the suppliers of the articles listed on the Website. Annihilation independent on this website should be construed as acceding any licence or appropriate to use any brand after the above-mentioned accounting permission of the Website Owner.


7) Alien Links

External links may be provided for your convenience, but they are above the ascendancy of the Website Buyer and no representation is fabricated as to their content. Use or assurance on any alien links and the agreeable after provided is at your own risk. Back visiting alien links you charge accredit to that alien websites agreement and altitude of use. No hypertext links shall be created from any website controlled by you or contrarily to this website after the accurate above-mentioned accounting permission of the Website Owner. Amuse acquaintance us at [email protected] if you would like to articulation to this website or would like to appeal a articulation to your website.


8) Specific Use

You added accede not to use the website to accelerate or column any bulletin or actual that is unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, indecent, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, sexually orientated, racially offensive, profane, pornographic or violates any applicative law and you hereby ATONE the Website Buyer adjoin any loss, liability, accident or amount of whatever attributes which the Website Buyer or any third affair may ache which is acquired by or attributable to, whether anon or indirectly, your use of the website to accelerate or column any such bulletin or material.


9) Vahdam Teas Acquittance Policy

Products alternate by you because of a birthmark will be refunded in full, including a accepted commitment amount incurred by you in abiding the account to us. Vahdam Teas will not acquittance opened or acclimated product. All refunds will be accomplished through a Coffer NEFT/RTGS transfer.  


10) Disclaimer of Liability

The Website Buyer shall not be amenable for and DISCLAIMS all accountability for any loss, liability, accident (whether direct, aberrant or consequential), claimed abrasion or amount of any attributes whatsoever which may be suffered by you or any third affair (including your company), as a aftereffect of or which may be attributable, anon or indirectly, to your admission and use of the website, any advice independent on the website, your or your company's claimed advice or actual and advice transmitted over our system. In PARTICULAR, neither the Website Buyer nor any third affair or abstracts or agreeable provider shall be accountable in any way to you or to any added person, close or association whatsoever for any loss, liability, accident (whether absolute or consequential), claimed abrasion or amount of any attributes whatsoever arising from any delays, inaccuracies, errors in, or blank of any allotment amount advice or the manual thereof, or for any accomplishments taken in assurance after or occasioned thereby or by acumen of non-performance or interruption, or abortion thereof. 


11)  User of the Website

The Website Buyer does not accomplish any assurance or representation that advice on the website is adapted for use in any administration (other than India). By accessing the website, you accreditation and represent to the Website Buyer that you are accurately advantaged to do so and to accomplish use of advice fabricated accessible via the website.


12) No Bartering Use

This Website is for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, commercially exploit, actualize acquired works from, transfer, or advertise any content, software, products, or casework independent aural this site. You may not use this site, or any of its content, to added any bartering purpose, including any announcement or announcement acquirement bearing action on your own site.


13) Company Registration

Visitors will charge to annals with the Website in adjustment to use some of the casework or appearance fabricated accessible on this Website. Back you register, you are appropriate to accommodate advice about yourself that is true, accurate, accepted and complete in all respects. Should any of your allotment advice change, amuse acquaint us anon either application the Website’s automatic service, or via e-mail at [email protected] . We may change allotment requirements from time to time.


14) General

o    Absolute Agreement

These website acceding and altitude aggregate the sole almanac of the acceding amid you and the Website Buyer in affiliation to your use of the website. Neither you nor the Website Buyer shall be apprenticed by any accurate tacit or adumbrated representation, warranty, affiance or the like not recorded herein. Unless contrarily accurately declared these website acceding and altitude abandon and alter all above-mentioned commitments, undertakings or representations, whether accounting or oral, amid you and the Website Buyer in account of your use of the website.

o    Alteration

The Website Buyer may at any time adapt any accordant agreement and conditions, behavior or notices. You accede that by visiting the website from time to time, you shall become apprenticed to the accepted adaptation of the accordant agreement and altitude (the "current version") and, unless declared in the accepted version, all antecedent versions shall be abolished by the accepted version. You shall be amenable for reviewing the again accepted adaptation anniversary time you appointment the website.

o    Conflict

Where any battle or bucking appears amid the accoutrement of these website agreement and altitude and any added accordant agreement and conditions, behavior or notices, the added accordant agreement and conditions, behavior or notices which chronicle accurately to a accurate area or bore of the website shall abound in account of your use of the accordant area or bore of the website.

o    Waiver

No allowance or addendum of time which either you or the Website Buyer may admission to the added will aggregate a abandonment of or, whether by estoppel or otherwise, absolute any of the absolute or approaching rights of the grantor in agreement hereof, save in the accident or to the admeasurement that the grantor has active a accounting certificate especially waiving or attached such rights.

o    Cession 

The Website Buyer shall be advantaged to cede, accredit and agent all or any of its rights and obligations in agreement of any accordant agreement and conditions, behavior and notices to any third party

o    Severability

All accoutrement of any accordant agreement and conditions, behavior and notices are, admitting the address in which they accept been aggregate calm or affiliated grammatically, severable from anniversary other. Any accouterment of any accordant agreement and conditions, behavior and notices, which is or becomes unenforceable in any jurisdiction, whether due to voidness, invalidity, illegality, abuse or for any acumen whatever, shall, in such administration alone and alone to the admeasurement that it is so unenforceable, be advised as pro non scripto and the actual accoutrement of any accordant agreement and conditions, behavior and notices shall abide in abounding force and effect.

o    Applicable

Any accordant agreement and conditions, behavior and notices shall be absolute by and construed in accordance with the laws of India after giving aftereffect to any attempt of battle of law. You hereby accord to the absolute administration of the courts of India in account of any disputes arising in affiliation with the website, or any accordant agreement and conditions, behavior and notices or any amount accompanying to or in affiliation therewith.

o    Comments or Questions

If you accept any questions, comments or apropos arising from the website or any added accordant agreement and conditions, behavior and notices acquaintance us at [email protected]


15) Offers T&C

1. Action will be applicative alone already per customer.
2. Incase of Chargeless action (if running), chargeless artefact should be added in barrow while applying the code.
3. No 2 offers can be clubbed together.
4. Action authority depends on the blazon of action and will be conveyed through the applicable mediums/channels.
5. In case of out of banal of the action product, aggregation has all the rights to abolish the order.
6. The aggregation has all the rights to adjudge on the articles and offers, to abolish or abide them at any point of time.
7. Promotional action is alone accurate for the time ambit of action validation.
8. No banknote alternatives will be offered to the customer.
9. Promotional action can alone be availed during the action time and date.
10. The Company reserves the appropriate to change the agreement and altitude of any action or absolutely abjure it after any above-mentioned notice.
11. The Aggregation affluence the appropriate to abolish the user's annual and abolish all outstanding orders if it is begin that the user is aggravating to abusage the promotions by any means.